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Total : Hillbillyclan55 - Outhouse#2 Donations - $100,000.00 since 1993


Calendar of Events

As Of May 1st ,2010,due to new state law!


Outhouse#2 Events are now No Smoking!


(An Area will be setup for those wishing to smoke outside!



                                                                               Meeting site -Hale Masonic Center


* after date designates officer required attendance!

                                                                                             2014 Calendar


                                                   July 21st - 26th Iosco County Fair - Need Help - Call Henry - Bill or E-mail

                                                   July 27th  *    Regular Monthly - 3pm - Hale Masonic temple - (Please turn in any SOLD Sept. Party

                                                                          Tickets) Also Suggestions on 2015  annual prizes!

                                                   August 12th - 16th Ogemaw County Fair - Need Help - Call Henry or E-mail

                                                   August 24th * Regular Monthly - 3pm - Hale Masonic Temple - (Please turn in any SOLD Sept. Tickets)

                                                                            Also suggestions on 2015 annual prizes!

                                                   August 31st    Harrisville Parade - Noon Lineup - 1pm parade

                                                   September 4th SOLD only- ticket turn in day - Call Henry if you have any

                                                   September 11th FINAL Ticket turn in! ALL TICKETS SOLS AND UNSOLD MUST BE

                                                                               TURNED      IN AT THIS TIME! 7pm Hale Masonic Temple!

                                                  September 13th Party Time! 1pm setup - 2pm Int. - 3pm doors open to public - 4pm catered dinner - 5pm

                                                                                drawing starts!

                                                September 28th FINAL Monthly regular of 2014 - 3pm Hale Masonic Temple - Party Closeout - Annual

                                                                            2015 prizes Selection !




Next Outhouse Party

Elimination Drawing

September 13th , 2014



2015 Party Dates

May 16th , 2015

Pig Roast


September 12th , 2015

Elimination Drawing




E-Mail by clicking on link at Keeper of Quill



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