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Raban -Billy Norris

                                               Henry Wandrie
                                         Keeper of the Quill [Email]


Jerry Ratelle

Being congratulated by  Raban Billy Norris  as the new Hillbilly of of the Year 2013

Susan Ledbetter
Possem Queen of the Year 2014


Total : Hillbillyclan55 - Outhouse#2 Donations - $100,000.00 since 1993


Calendar of Events

As Of May 1st ,2010,due to new state law!


Outhouse#2 Events are now No Smoking!


(An Area will be setup for those wishing to smoke outside!



                                                       Meeting site -Hale Masonic Temple

Outhouse#2 Members - September 2014


         * after date designates officer required attendance!

 2014 Calendar



 2014 Elimination Drawing Winners



New 2014 Members to Outhouse#2

From: (L) to (R) Bill & Ruth Pennington - Don & Shelia Welch - Missy Williams - Brian & Denise Ferns Sr


                                                         2015 Calendar




                                                                                July 26th     Bluegill fest able parade - Line up 12noon - Parade 1pm

                                                              July 27th - Aug. 1st  Iosco County Fair - Need Help - Contact Henry -Parade 25th -                                                                                                        12noon  lineup - 1pm  parade (Middle School)


                                                                             August 2nd  - Combined July and August Meeting - 3pm Hale Masonic Center -                                                                                       September Party TICKET PASSOUT!!!

                                                          September 3rd Second party start up meeting - 7pm Hale Masonic temple

                                                           September 6th Harrisville Parade - 12noon line up - parade 1pm

                                                          September 10th Final Party Start up - ALL TICKETS _ SOLD AND UNSOLD must

                                                                                                                  Turned in to Henry - 7pm Hale Masonic Temple

                                                                         September 12th Party Time - 1pm set up - 2pm int. - 3pm doors open to public - 4pm

                                                                                                                   Dinner - Drawing Starts at 5pm

                                                                        September 27th Regular monthly and Party Closeout - 3pm Hale Masonic temple




2015 Party Dates


September 12th , 2015

Elimination Drawing




E-Mail by clicking on link at Keeper of Quill



2013 Elimination Drawing Pictures



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Parade Vehicle History


Harrisville Parade Pictures

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